An 11-year old boy got a cut over his eye and his father was arrested as a result. Sioux Falls Police say it happened on Friday around 9:20 PM in the 4400 block of West Briggs Drive.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says too many people let their emotions get the best of them.

“The 11-year old was playing a video game and was upset (about losing). Dad wasn’t too happy about that so he grabbed a belt buckle and threw it at the 11-year old. It ended up cutting him just above the left eyebrow.”

The 11-year old then called 911 with the father disconnecting the phone. Clemens says that’s when another son got involved.

“After that happened, the 16-year old brother and Dad got into it. Mom ended up taking the two boys away and took the 11-year old to the hospital.”

39-year old Keith Allen McCauley of Sioux Falls was charged with two counts of felony Child Abuse, Interference with Emergency Communication and Suppression of Evidence for trying to hide the belt buckle.

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