In what sounded like it should have been an episode on the TV show Cops, Sioux Falls Police responded to a call regarding a couple accused of assaulting their daughter and her boyfriend.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon, August 26 when police arrested 36-year-old Cristina Isabel Reyes-Delopez and 50-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Turcious on assault charges. The couple allegedly broke into their daughter's boyfriend's house using a hammer.

According to authorities, their daughter skipping school that day to spend time with her boyfriend prompted the attack.

Upon entering the home, the mother attempted to slap her daughter who was holding an eight-month old baby at the time. The father pushed the boyfriend around, then allegedly used the handle of the hammer to try to strangle him, says Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Sam Clemens.

The boyfriend ended up suffering a few minor injuries. The daughter and the baby were unharmed.

The father is being charged with aggravated assault and the mother with simple assault.

Source: KDLT TV

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