The love affair continues...

Ever since the website Thrillist published a story about 'Why South Dakota is the Most Underrated State in America', last Fall, they've been smitten with the Mount Rushmore State. Since then, they've included various South Dakota towns, businesses, and products on a number of different 'Best Of' lists.

The latest? Sioux Falls' namesake, Falls Park.

The 123-acre area, North of downtown Sioux Falls, checks in at number seven on Thrillist's '25 Best City Parks in the U.S.' 

The park, which straddles the Big Sioux River, has been drawing people to the area since the city was founded in 1856. A trio of notable structures were added over the next half century - the Queen Bee Mill opened in October of 1881, a horst barn was built in the late 1880's, and the Sioux Falls Light and Power Company building was added in 1908. The remains of the mill still stand along the East bank today, the barn was used as an arts center, while the light and power building has been converted into the Falls Overlook Cafe.

A Visitor Information Center, including a five-story observation tower, opened in the 1990's.

According to Thrillist, the only six city parks better than Falls Park:

1. Forest Park - St. Louis

2. Balboa Park - San Diego

3. Griffith Park - Los Angeles

4. Beacon Food Forest - Seattle

5. Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

6. Prospect Park - Brooklyn