I was telling my story this morning about how I tried to make Mountain Dew cupcakes for my brother's birthday.  I've had the recipe pinned on Pinterest for forever. The above picture is what they were supposed to look like.  It was an epic failure.  They were dry and didn't taste like Mountain Dew.  Also, the frosting was way too thin and I ended up getting store bought.  I didn't even take a picture of the end result because it was too embarrassing.

Jonny V told a story about a fancy sandwich he tried to make off of the show 'Sandwich King'.  He did fine until the beer sauce.  Jonny V didn't what a roux was and it went downhill from there.

So we posed the question: what fails have you had?

One caller said that he tried to make melted crayon art as he had seen on Pinterest only to start his blow dryer on fire.

Another story involved crushing cloves at home and putting them in pumpkin pie.  While the pie smelled and looked delicious the clove was overwhelming and numbed everyone's mouth.

One caller said they were making cookies for the first time and the recipe called for Crisco.    Being a first time baker she used Crisco vegetable oil they had at home instead of Crisco shortening.  She said the cookies still tasted alright they just melted into one giant cookies on the sheet pan.

A texter told us a story about her roommate trying to make banana bread and the batter kept boiling over the pan in the oven.  Then they realized they had used powdered sugar instead of flour.

Another listener said they had tried to spice up their bedroom with tips from Cosmopolitan Magazine and that did not turn out well.

We posted this question on Facebook and Danita sent us this picture of her and daughter and her friend trying a recipe they found on Pinterest.


It didn't go so well.


Do you have a fail you would like to tell us about?  Leave us a comment.