The produce department at our grocery stores has its good days and its bad days. They also have hundreds of pounds of waste each month.

A few months ago Hy-Vee, Inc. launched their Misfits Program that would spare wasted fruit and vegetables a trip to the landfill.

Hy-Vee classifies their Ugly produce cosmetically challenged. It may be misshapen, scarred, or undersized. Therefore, going unsold.

In a news release from Hy-Vee, the Misfits Program provided for lower priced produce in order that it wouldn't be tossed in the garbage.

“We are thrilled that Misfits fruits and vegetables have been so well received by our customers in such a short time,” said John Griesenbrock, vice president of produce/HealthMarkets at Hy-Vee. “This volume of food waste diversion is an encouraging sign that Hy-Vee’s focus on educating consumers about food waste issues around the world is having a positive effect, and we are excited to build upon these efforts going forward.”

Just because it's a little small, or bruised doesn't mean it won't taste as good.

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