Michelle Erpenbach wants to continue representing the Central District on the Sioux Falls City Council despite the peaks and valleys.  “It’s our role on the City Council to make this the best place to live that we can.  I feel like I have more to do in the next four years.”

As an incumbent, you have a record to display while campaigning.  Erpenbach feels that she has furthered Affordable Housing Projects and helped improve flood control issues in the Augustana College section of town.

Among the items Erpenbach wants to tackle if elected is the SHAPE Places zoning ordinance.  “It brings Sioux Falls into the 21st Century.  In (the Central) district, it makes remodeling and redevelopment easier for homeowners.”  In a nutshell, the old rules mean you go through more red tape to either salvage or in some cases tear down houses.  “The new rules are key for how we utilize land across the community and allow the community to grow.”

Erpenbach is running against Rebecca Dunn for the Central District Council Seat.  To listen to the entire interview please peruse the selections below.

Segment 1: Erpenbach talks about the main accomplishments of her first term.

Segment 2: Erpenbach defends SHAPE Places zoning package

Segment 3: Erpenbach takes 60 seconds for herself