“I have a passion for working toward the good of the citizens.”  That is the initial response to the question of why Manny Steele wants to serve on the Sioux Falls City Council. 

Steele’s background includes military service and 28 years in the telecommunications industry.  Most recently, Steele finished serving eight years in the South Dakota Legislature as a Representative.

The current financial picture for Sioux Falls looks rosy, but Steele is concerned that the city currently holds too much debt.  Steele comments that currently each citizen of Sioux Falls would owe over $2,000 if all markers were called.  Overall Steele says expansion is good for Sioux Falls, but growth cannot allow us to neglect the core areas of the city.

Steele is competing for votes to fill the City Council At-Large A position.  To listen to the complete interview of Manny Steele’s bid for your vote in the upcoming election, please take the time to listen to the three segments below.

Segment 1 Steele talks about his time in SD Legislature

Segment 2 Steele voices concern about Sioux Falls debt

Segment 3 Steele gets 60 seconds to make his bid