Remember those fun Easter Egg Hunts they had when you were a kid?  Or maybe you watched your kids hunt the eggs?  I'll bet you never got candy like this?

Folks in Daphne, Alabama with the Christ the King Catholic Church want their Easter Eggs back.  Seems they had an Easter Egg hunt last Sunday.  Seems they filled those little plastic eggs with candy.  Seems a volunteer's medicine also may have been mixed in with the sweets that were hidden for kids.  Oops.  According to

Out of an abundance of caution" officials with the church have requested that parents of children who attended "immediately retrieve" the eggs and keep them in a safe place until they can be returned to the parish office and exchanged for new candy.  "We ask that parents not throw the eggs and their contents away, but return Sunday's eggs to Christ the King Parish Office as immediately as possible,"

Word is a church volunteer may have been storing his meds in a candy egg that may have gotten mixed in with the 1,500 eggs that were prepped by the Youth Ministry for the hunt.  They didn't say what kind of pills these were but, better safe than sorry.  The last thing you want around Easter time is a bunch of Catholic kids hopped up on Peeps and Zoloft.