The finale of 'Dancing With the Stars' was last night and it had a little bit of everything. We laughed, we cried, we danced!

Iggy Azalea was brought in to perform her hit song, 'Fancy' and there were some technical difficulties.  Her backing track was not in time with what she heard and it got weird. See for yourself.

I give her credit for keeping it together and finally getting it together.

Another great performance of the night was Amber Riley. Amber Riley was last year's champ and she showed why during her performance.

Then the three finalists danced their fusion dance that they had 24 hours to work on to get one last batch of judge's scores. All three gave solid performances and then it was the moment we had all been waiting for. Who will win 'Dancing With the Stars' season 18?

After a very lengthy dramatic pause from Tom Bergereon this season's winner was announced.

Congrats to Meryl and Maks! (But especially Maks because it has been a long time coming!)