'Dancing With the Stars' was down to four last night: James Maslow, Candace Cameron-Bure, Amy Purdy, and Meryl Davis.

They danced twice last night, a judges' pick and the freestyle, but seriously the night was all about the freestyle!

The freestyle is the dance that usually determines the winner and this year it is going to be a tough call.

After the first round everyone was pretty even.

And can I just say how brave and handsome Mark Ballas is for performing with a torn rotator cuff. I mean NFL quarterbacks sit on the bench when they sprain a pinky and Mark is out there doing lifts and tricks after wearing a sling for half the show! Who says dancers aren't athletes?

Anyway, on to the freestyle dances.

James was first and while the judges thought he was amazing, I didn't get it.  I thought it was just 'meh' and his guy liner just wasn't doing it for me.

Meryl and Maks were next and they decided to do a sensual, romantic, rumba, contemporary hodge podge of stuff and it was AWESOME! So beautiful and dramatic and elegant. Great stuff from those two. (I kind of think there is something else going on with these two, but what do I know?)

Candace and Mark's freestyle was probably the worst of the four, but I still have to give them huge props! You could tell they were both hesitant and a little nervous in their tricks and lifts because Mark was dancing injured and I don't blame them. Plus, their gold costumes just weren't cute. She only got 8's from the judges and at this stage in the game that is not going to hold up.

Amy and Derek closed the night with their freestyle, which was also a contemporary mix of dance styles much like Meryl and Maks, but Amy and Derek weren't necessarily romantic, they were inspiring! Amy has been defying odds the whole season so with this routine Derek wanted her to defy gravity and she did! She did some aerial work like something you see in cirque de soleil or at a Pink concert. So gorgeous!

And then it was time to send someone home. I totally forgot their was an elimination because all they talked about was tomorrow's finale with the mirrorball so I figured they would just have all four back tomorrow, but NO!

Last week I said that I thought Candace would go home, even though I like her a lot and obviously I love Mark, but in a shocking twist, James was sent home!

Honestly, he didn't do much for me this season so I wasn't too upset.

Even though Candace will dance one more time for some bonus points towards her score, the mirrorball trophy is truly between Meryl and Amy!

Even though Amy is a favorite of mine, I want Meryl to win. Meryl really is a great dancer and her partner, Maks, has been on the show for 13 seasons and never won! Whereas, Derek has won a bunch of times and has an Emmy.

So I hope Meryl and Maks win just so Maks can finally take home a victory! They are all truly worthy competitors.