I know that zombies are a big deal. People like dress up as zombies whether it is Halloween or not. But if you are going to scare people, be very careful. You might get beat up or shot. This story is different. This is a fake zombie that people thought really was dead. She wasn't dead, she was drunk.

Yesterday morning, police in Birmingham, Alabama got a call about a woman slumped over the steering wheel of her SUV, covered in blood. And the caller thought she'd been shot.

Cops rushed to the scene and found out what was really going on.

The woman was actually just slumped over the wheel of her SUV because she had passed out drunk in her Halloween costume as a bloody, pregnant zombie. In case you were wondering, no, she wasn't a drunk pregnant fake zombie. She just had her shirt stuffed to look like a pregnant belly.

The woman was arrested for a DUI, and the cops say she took it all in stride and told them, quote, "It's all good."