A company in South Dakota is building the largest survival community on earth in preparation for a possible doomsday.

Vivos xPoint is preparing land and former military bunkers located near the Black Hills, just south of the city of Edgemont. The area covers approximately 18-square miles.

The entire area is a former in southwest South Dakota is a former Army Munitions Depot, with 575 hardened concrete military bunkers. Built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a secure base to store bombs and munitions, it was retired in 1967.

The site is reportedly adding a chapel, a general store, a restaurant, gym, shooting ranges, and a bar. And if there's anything needed in a doomsday situation, it's probably a bar.

The bunkers are bomb-resistant and can comfortably sleep 10 to 20 people each. The company also boasts that it has a runway, is completely off-grid, and offers top-notch security.

What sounds like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie script comes with a steep price tag. The bunker, which is 26' x 80' and at least 400 feet from your like-minded neighbor, will set you back $25,000 for a 99-year lease - and that does not include electricity, plumbing, or air-filtration systems.

In the event that above ground is a desolate barren wasteland, these pics will show you what you'll be living in:

Vivos xPoint points out on it's website that "Noah didn't wait for the rain before building the ark." In other words, be ready and prepare.

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