Cody sent us a message on Facebook yesterday asking this:

I have a question for you guys.. My girlfriend every night before bed dumps her contact solution on the floor from her container. Is this weird?

I didn't think anyone could possibly do this. It's just weird! How lazy do you have to be to just dump the solution out of the case onto the floor? Apparently it isn't.

We heard from eight different people who all said they dump the solution on the floor after putting in their contacts. They just drop that small amount of fluid on the carpet and are done with it. I dump mine down the bathroom sink where leftover fluids like shaving cream filled water,

One of the possible sources of this epidemic is probably the last place you would think of: they optometrists office. One woman called in and told us that she learned this behavior when she first got her contacts. The person helping her at the optometrists office just dumped the leftover solution on the floor. A step in the process of putting in her contacts she has since repeated.

Another bad contact behavior we heard about was more guy-oriented. Some guys will take out their contacts and leave them laying around the house; on tables, in candles or just thrown on the floor. That's even worse than the fluid dumping.

If you're going to keep up with throwing contact solution on the floor I would offer this advice: don't tell anyone you do it. It just makes you look like a slob.