15% of American's are afraid to go to the dentist. I'm one of them but not to the extreme that I won't go. But I really don't like it. I always feel sick after. It's not that my dentist isn't great, he is. I just have to talk myself into going. My teeth have never been good, I get cavities easily. I brush and floss but still get them all the time. One time I had several at once and under went getting them filled in a couple visits. Since then I have had anxiety when going.

Today, I go to get a re-root canal done. One of my front teeth had a root canal that didn't  take so I have to have a specialty dentist give another one to that tooth so I don't lose it. I have been nervous about this and have rescheduled a couple of time due to the nerves. But today I will get it done. Here goes nothing.

So I did some research on how to get over anxiety to include using gas or sedatives  I hope I don't need that. One thing that I have been taught to do is self hypnosis. I have used this several times before to help in stressful situations or when I can't sleep. So that is what I am going to try.

Other suggestions include, talking about your fear with your dentist before the procedure, take a break if you need to, listen to music or watch the TV above you.

I love the idea of hypnosis. I can go into my only fantasy world and forget about my stress for a few hours. Wish me luck I have an appointment today.