I have always advocated not making any decision in the first fifteen minutes after you wake up. You will make bad decisions. So hitting the snooze button maybe isn't such a bad idea. But that's another decision that can get you in trouble.

So how many of us are wearing out our snooze button? All of us. There was a groundbreaking study to tell us that. Can't wait for their next survey on how women love shopping.

Here's what the survey found: Only 17% of people consider themselves a "morning person." The average person hits snooze for 14 minutes after their alarm first goes off. It takes an average of 36 minutes before we actually feel awake. 73% of people say they feel better waking up to a sound effect than a horrible buzzer. Birds tweeting was the most popular wake-up sound. A rooster crowing was second, and waves crashing was third.

If you hit snooze too much, try this. Put at least one alarm across the room. (I say "at least" because I have two, my phone and my alarm clock.) My alarm clock is across the room on my dresser which forces me to get out of bed to shut the damn thing off. Even if I crawl back in bed, it usually wakes me up a bit just walking across the room.