There are parts of every one of our jobs that we're not happy with.  But let's face it, some jobs are just filled with nothing but misery.

What about your job?  Are there just certain things that get on your nerves, or does everything about where you work put you on edge every day when you're driving to the office?

Did you ever think that maybe it's not just you, maybe it's the job that's lousy, and that a large number of people doing what you do feel the same way.

What if there was a way to find out?

Yahoo! Finance has teamed up with CareerBliss, an online jobs database, to identify the occupations with the lowest happiness levels in the U.S.

They considered 24,000 employee evaluations, representing more than 250 different job categories.

They also measured what they called the 'bliss score', a ranking of eight factors:

Work-life balance

Relationship with coworkers

Work environment

Job resources


Growth opportunities

Company culture

Daily tasks

Those are then boiled down into a score on a scale of one to five, the lower the bliss score, the more miserable people are in that line of work.

So which are the least happiest occupations in the country today?

1. Analyst 
Bliss score: 2.914
Average salary: $55,000
Survey says: 'After growth opportunities, analysts are most dissatisfied with company culture and job resources.'

2. Dispatcher 
Bliss score: 2.938
Average salary: $35,000
Survey says: 'Dispatchers dislike their company culture and their overall compensation packages.'

3. Program coordinator 
Bliss score: 2.950
Average salary: $40,000
Survey says: 'Company culture is also a drag on program coordinators, and they also don't feel too hot about their bosses.'

4. Pharmacy technician 
Bliss score: 2.954
Average salary: $32,000
Survey says: 'Every job on this list gets its lowest reviews in growth opportunities, but pharmacy technicians give worse ratings to that category than all the other 19 jobs.'

5. Teacher 
Bliss score: 2.963
Average salary: $42,000
Survey says: 'Teachers dislike their company culture, and also aren't too please with their bosses and compensation.'

6. Senior buyer 
Bliss score: 3.039
Average salary: $62,000
Survey says: 'For senior buyers, bosses and compensation packages both get low marks.'

7. Clerk 
Bliss score: 3.048
Average salary: $33,000
Survey says: 'Clerks hate their company culture but like their colleagues more than people in the other unhappy jobs on this list.'

8. Assistant professor 
Bliss score: 3.053
Average salary: $61,000
Survey says: 'Assistant professors dislike their work setting and company culture.'

9. Operator 
Bliss score: 3.074
Average salary: $44,000
Survey says: 'Compensation is a big drag for operators, as is the culture of the company.'

10. Engineer 
Bliss score: 3.099
Average salary: $70,000
'Engineers rate their company culture poorly and also are less than happy with the support and resources they get at work.'

Did you see your job on this list?  Does that surprise you?