To me Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, at least it was until I got divorced. After the divorce, it was depressing. I was sad and unfortunately my girls could tell I was sad. The first Christmas when it was just me and the girls was also the Christmas with the big snowstorm. I was working very hard to give them whatever I could that would keep them in the Christmas spirit while deep inside I was feeling very scrooge like.

Since then, it's got easier. I focus on them and that helps get me through the holiday's with less depression. Last year, I surprised Quincy with an autographed picture of Bon Jovi and framed it for her. She screamed and was so excited! Thea got what she wanted too.

I go for the scream factor with their gifts. I study all year long the things they tell me they want and I work extra hard to get them those items and search for the best deals. I'm not going to say what I am getting them this year. But I can tell you there will be a bigger scream than last year! Maybe it's because of the divorce but I just want to make sure there are parts of their childhood that are memorable of being happy.

My only problem lies with Thea. She isn't into as many things as Quincy and I think that has to do with her age. I don't remember Quincy being obsessed with as many things when she was 7. Quincy loves Jon Bon Jovi, WWE wrestling and Katie Perry! She is pretty easy to please. Thea is into art and music. She has a TON of art supplies but no favorite singer other than maybe some Lady GaGa. Now I have to think of what to get Thea that will make her scream like Quincy will on Christmas morning! I'm glad I have 25 days to figure it out!

Here's the video from last Christmas!