Teisha sent me this pic of her adorable kids with a really interesting story:

The question I often get is "do they all have the same dad?" I always laugh and say "yes! Yes they do!" I'm Filipino and married an Irishman. So it was quite a shock to us when our firstborn had blonde hair and blue eyes. We thought for sure that my darker, dominate genes would wipe out his white, pasty recessive ones!


I always find it interesting what a couple's kids look like when the couple looks nothing alike, such as a Filipino and an Irishman. Some people will have kids that look like one parent or the other. My wife and I don't really look alike except we're both Caucasian and have blue eyes. I am darker complected with dark hair, she's lighter complected with strawberry blonde hair. Our kids turned out to be a good mix of both of us. When people ask if Rockley looks like me or Crystal I always say "He looks like Jackie."