Oh do I love Pinterest! I had been browsing Pinterest when I can across a pin that is super easy and very in style right now. Of course you know that a skinny jean or tights with boots in the way to go this year, to add function and fashion you can wear leg warmers that come out of the top of your boots.

If you don't want to run out and buy them you can make them and it is extremely easy.

Take a sweater that you don't want anymore, in my case I had one I loved but had a stain on the front.

Then decide how long you want your leg warmers, the longer the better. Measure so it is the same for both sides and simply cut off the arms of the sweater! Boom! You just made your own leg warmers!

Don't have any sweaters you want to cut up? Go to the thrift stores: Y's buys, Saver's or Goodwill and grab one for a few bucks. I suggest getting a large or extra large depending on the size of your legs. I used a large. Many of the leg warmers in the stores are going for $10 or more. By buying a few cheap sweaters it will give you different options of colors and patters to put together a fun outfit like I did!

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