All the way back in 1997, Disney released Hercules. Hercules of course is the part human, part God, son of Zeus. He is known in Greek mythology for having super human strength. He's basically a superhero.

Disney's version was full of gospel inspired music and lessons to be learned. To celebrate the anniversary of Hercules, Disney released some behind the scenes footage. Now you might be thinking, "It's animated. How is there behind the scenes footage?" Well, let me tell you. The directors used picture storyboards and real singers and dancers for some of the big musical numbers like, "Zero to Hero."

The directors said they wanted this song to be like a sports highlight reel mixed in with a music video feel. Remember, in 1997, MTV still played music videos.

Take a look at the storyboard next to the final product. It is pretty amazing.

I also learned in my trip down Hercules memory lane that Ricky Martin did the voice of Hercules for the Latin American release. Interesting.