Disney Channel has a long reputation of having kids on their shows that can also sing and dance.

So why not put all these talented Disney kids together to sing an epic Disney song from 'Frozen?'

I have to be honest, I only know who two of these girls are because they are on 'Girl Meets World,' but other than that I don't know what Disney channel show any of them are on, but they can sing. I especially love how even a couple of the Disney parents make an appearance.

Now, this isn't the first time Disney Channel stars have gotten together to pay homage to a great Disney flick.

Back in my day, Lizzie McGuire, Raven, Ren Stevens, and so many more did their best to cover 'Circle of Life.' I believe it was some big anniversary for 'The Lion King' hence the gathering of the stars.

Watching this now, I cringe a little bit. It did not seem this cheesy back then. The clothes though.