Sioux Falls City Council reviewed proposals for garbage trucks and containers to have safety inspections and be licensed. That led to some tension in the room.

The inspections would check to ensure containers are not leaking into the streets.
Council will have a second reading and likely a decision on inspection and licensing next Tuesday.

"Pay a $25 fee once for that roll-off container," explained Landfill Superintendent Dustin Hansen. "Usually visual inspection is if it is a leak-proof container, depending on what the unit is, if it is a truck, if the headlights work, windshied wiper and things of that nature."

A separate ordinance on haulers being bonded or having a letter of credit was also brought forward. In the midst of these discussions, there was a moment of tension between Councilor Michelle Erppenbach and Mayor Mike Huether over whether or not the mayor ignored the councilor.

Erppenbach suggested the landfill staff could use the software to better track garbage haulers rather than require a bond, to which the mayor responded.

The proposal for bonding of garbage haulers did not move forward.

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