South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) officials want to remind snowmobilers that even thought the Black Hills got around three feet of snow recently, the snowmobile trail system does not open until December 15.

“We get a lot of people asking why the trails aren’t open when there is so much snow in the Northern Hills,” says Ryan Raynor, trail program specialist for GFP. “A large portion of the trail system runs through private property and those agreements do not start until Dec. 15.”

Raynor adds that while snowmobiling is permitted on Forest Service managed lands before December 15, riders need to respect the various areas of the trail system that cross private property.

Trails are open December 15 through March 31. Snowmobile trail maps for the entire state can be obtained from most GFP offices or by calling 605.773.2885. The maps also include locations for food and fuel, as well as additional information about snowmobiling in South Dakota.

Source: South Dakota State News

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