International Boombox Day is almost here! It is July 20th. It's even on Facebook.

I still miss my favorite boombox of all time. I called it THE BIG ONE. Because it was, well, big. Officially it was a LASONIC TRC-931.

I got it from my girlfriend's brother who thought he was somehow too cool to have such a fine piece of art in his possession. Plus one of the tape decks was broke.

Oh yes! It had tape decks. Count 'em, two! And one was car stereo style. Had to save room for the funk. There was also a Bass Boost. And boost the Bass it did! This boombox told the whole neighborhood that they could not touch this and to do the Unskinny bop. Bop Bop Bop. On THE BIG ONE I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit and Dr Dre.

And It was all powered by something like 10 D cells.

Getty Images

The end came when it donated it's excellent speakers to my Geo Prizm. Because the funk was too big to fit in the dorms. Damn you UNK and your small dorm rooms!

I miss you boombox. My iPod is still a bit jealous of what we had.