If you are a hunter and a parent, there's arguably no greater moment than the day when you get to take your son or daughter hunting for the first time. But recently a father in New Zealand is facing some criticism after posting a photo of his daughters first kill.

Johnny Yuile and his Chloe, who's eight years old, went hunting in Hawke's Bay in New Zealand last weekend where she shot and killed her first deer. After shooting a deer herself, the 8-year-old girl took a bite into "its warm quivering heart." The photos sparked outrage online, angered animal rights enthusiasts who shared their thoughts in the comments.

Now I’m not a hunting person so biting an animal’s heart immediately after killing it seems odd. What do you think? Is this taking parenting too far?

If you want to get a east river deer license, apply before September 2, 2016 at gfp.sd.gov.

Source: mashable.com