I may never sleep again.

I saw my first Chucky movie when I was far too young to see a movie like that.  I remember still being young enough to play with dolls so the idea of a killer doll just about ruined my life.  I had a red-haired doll too!

This movie is going straight to DVD and Blu-Ray so at least no one can drag me kicking and screaming into the theatre.

A friend of mine in high school sprang it on me that she had a Chucky doll somewhere in her room after I was already in her house and agreed to spend the night.  I just told her never to show it to me so I can pretend that she doesn't have one and she was just a big fat liar.  I must say, what kind of person buys a Chucky doll?  I never understood that! I know I was friends with someone that owned one, but I couldn't figure it out why she had it.

People who know my fear have always joked that they would buy me a Chucky doll for a present.  I have always told them that it would be the biggest waste of money because I would chop it into pieces, burn it in my backyard, and then bury the ashes far far away.