Less than three months remain before the November election and South Dakota Democrat Jay Williams is primed to convince voters his worthiness for U.S. Senate.

Climate change is one of the main issues that should be seriously discussed on a national stage according to Williams. Primarily the Yankton resident proposes a shift to clean energy sources.

“We need a national policy that we are going to get off of fossil fuels immediately. One way to do that is with wind energy. Another thing that happens out here in South Dakota is that the sun shines. We could do national projects where you put photovoltaic cells on top of your house to take care of your electrical needs.”

Williams is confident that the plan could be implemented in a relatively short window of time.

“I think that in ten years we could get mostly off of fossil fuels. I think we could get down to hardly any so that the carbon that we use would be for things like bio-diesel in internal combustion engines that are still out there.”

In the near term, Williams envisions the Federal Government providing support for much of the initial investment for power generation for individual housing units. Williams also believes that decentralizing power generation would make the nation’s power grid less vulnerable.

Williams is challenging incumbent Senator John Thune in the November election.

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