Sioux Falls City Council voted against having a public election regarding the construction of a $25 million city administration building, saying it would give residents a false hope that it would affect the outcome.

Mayor Mike Huether has already approved a bond sale for the new administration building October 1st.

Resident Susan Merritt requested that the focus and finances be put on social programs to help residents rather than buildings.

Although Christine Erickson voted for a second reading on the issue of a public vote, she voiced her concerns last night.

Rick Kiley said there are many good city employees that were unfairly accused during the recent petition process by Citizens for Integrity as they collected signatures in hopes to get a public vote on the construction of a new city administration building.

The final vote was Theresa Stehly and Pat Starr voting to allow a public vote, while all other councilors voted against.

A lawsuit was filed against the city last week regarding the petitions not being accepted by the city as they were signed on the wrong form.

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