Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Given the fact Sioux Falls LOVES when new restaurants come to town, here are a couple of unique concepts that have just opened up.

In March, a restaurant will open in Los Angeles called ChocoChicken, and will specialize in chocolate flavored fried chicken.

The chicken won't actually be dipped in chocolate, but will be fried in a batter than contains chocolate.

The owner is quick to point out, however, that only "time will tell" whether his idea has any legs.  But, he's banking it will.

The other unique restaurant idea comes to us from the U-K.

There's a coffee shop over there that charges, not for what you consume, but rather the time you spend in the space.  It's, in essence, a pay per minute cafe.

Everything is free - except the time you spend there.  The cost is about 5 cents a minute, or $3 a hour.

You can play chess, access wi fi, drink coffee - even bring your own food.

According to the owner, since opening, business has been overwhelming.  So much so that she's looking to expand, not only in the U-K, but also here in the U-S.

So, if you're searching for that next great restaurant idea to bring to Sioux Falls.....