Today (8/23/16) is "Cheap Flight Day", it's the day peak-summer prices traditionally drop from seasonal highs to off-peak lows.

Fare Compare CEO Rick Seaney recommends you start by looking to your favorite social media outlets for some good deals,

"We're seeing some flash sales come up on Facebook and Twitter. You won't find these on online travel agencies though, only on airlines. They're very limited, and are offered for only a few hours."

Seaney adds the fares are especially great if your travel dates are flexible,

"The window of time to shop is right here at the end of August and the first two or three weeks in September. That's the perfect time to shop for the next three or four months of departures."

Seaney also recommends you fly out of a fairly large city if at all possible. That's where you'll find the best deals.

(Source: ABC News Radio)