Sioux Falls Fire Marshall Dean Lanier has deemed the cause of a Sioux Falls fire which killed three children "undetermined"on Tuesday.

The fire early on Dec. 22 killed 16-year-old Michael Hensley, 12-year-old Savannah Coon and 6-year-old Alivia Coon. The children’s mother and her husband escaped the flames through a second-floor window.

The house had been too badly damaged for fire investigators to safely enter immediately after the fire but has been re-enforced and an investigation was underway to determine the cause.

At a Sioux Falls briefing on Tuesday, Sioux Falls police information officer Sam Clemens said that no evidence of drugs or drug paraphernalia was found in the burned house located on North Main in Sioux Falls.

It was also determined that fire crews got the call at 8:02am on December 22nd and Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue were on the scene within three minutes.

Even though investigators determined the location within the house where the fire had started, Lanier stated:

Everything in that corner had basically been consumed by the fire."

The mother, Rhiannon White and her husband, David, were the only ones to make it out of the house on the morning of the fire.

The police say that there probably won't be any charges filed.