Daily Distraction

Baby Boomer Memory Lane: Bubble Gum Cigarettes
Well, well...here's something you don't see anymore.
But if you're of a certain age, say one of those people that's a member of the 'Baby Boomer' generation, you recognize them. It might be bubble gum, it might be candy.
You could call them cigarettes for the younger set.…
Hot Dog Etiquette
Now we even face the proper way to eat a hot dog. Yes, there are do's and don't's for proper, let's call it, "hot dog etiquette".
Dude Does Push Ups on Two Fingers!?!
I am happy to say I can still do push ups. I can't do a lot of them, but I can still do them. Then I see this video and feel like an eating-ice-cream-out-of-the-bucket loser.
Mitchell Olson and His Manbun
Mitchell Olson was in today. He was late. His car was out of gas, he forgot his cell phone and wallet at home. He also has a manbun now.

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