A busy night for Sioux Falls Police Wednesday got busier shortly after 9pm with the report of a car that had hit an apartment building near 13th Street and 3rd Avenue.

Witnesses say the driver hit speeds of 60-80 mph on north 4th Avenue but couldn't negotiate the curve where it turns into 13th Street. Witnesses say the driver went up over the curb and hit the apartment building at 400 E. 13th Street.

Residents had to help the driver from the Honda Civic and roll it back onto its wheels. The driver then got back into the car and tried to flee. The car wouldn't move, so he tried to leave on foot.

The 43-year old driver was arrested on a number of charges including DUI, reckless driving and hit & run.

No injuries were reported and residents were able to stay in their apartments.

In unrelated news, it has been an odd week of vehicles hitting buildings in Sioux Falls following the school bus crash into two homes earlier this week and reports Thursday morning of a car hitting a building at 701 S. Charlotte Ave., southwest of Arrowhead and Sycamore.