I am great at remembering things. I know every important date in my relationship with my wife. I remember mundane details from various stories. But if I meet you once and then see you two weeks later, I'll remember your face but I will have no idea what your name is.

"Why can't I remember anyone's name?" Scientists have answered the question and it makes you look like a jackass: They weren't important enough.

A study done at the University of Sussex in England discovered, in a shorter way of saying it, that your brain is a memory bouncer. If the person was not important, shortly after you met them your brain will specifically choose to not bring that information behind the velvet rope.

In other words, your brain didn't think that person was important enough to waste brain space remembering their name.

The scientists also said that the brain has a limited capacity for information.

Now if we can just figure out how to get rid of bad memories from our brains like we can delete old or bad photos from our phones when the memory card is full, life would be much better.