FUTURE FAKE NEWS: November 1, 2014 for immediate release:

Sioux Falls officials expressed confusion at the reaction to two new development projects in Sioux Falls.

“I just don’t get it,” Community Development Direction Director Kay Winn said Monday, “After the uproar last year over a Wal-Mart in southern Sioux Falls the Council of Developing City Development thought that these proposals would surely set off a new round of protests and petitions.”

At a press conference on Monday city officials announced two new retail projects in southern Sioux Falls. The projects are planning to break ground immediately on lots at the intersection of 85th and Minnesota Avenue. The same area in Southern Sioux Falls where a proposed Wal-Mart store prompted local community organized opposition.

“During the Wal-Mart uproar people said they were concerned about traffic and other potential issues that a retail development would bring to the area, but this time we’ve heard nothing” said Miles O’Brian Sioux Falls Chief of Development for Communities That Are Developing Development

“We braced ourselves for an avalanche of anonymous quotes and Facebook comments,” said Vic Fontaine Senior Directing Head of Community Development and Developing.

Dave Weyoun from the Mayor’s office added, “The way the neighborhood reacted when a Wal-Mart was proposed for that site led us to believe that if another national retailer wanted to build in that area there would be another campaign against it. Now we have two projects at the same time, in that same area, and reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The new projects include a Whole Foods on the West side of Minnesota Avenue. The development on the East side of the Minnesota and 85th location will include a Big Bang Theory themed Cheesecake Factory, a P.F. Chang's and a Trader Joe’s grocery store.

Neighborhood resident Sarah Sisko says that she is excited by the development, “It will be so great to not have to drive, like, 40 blocks to go shopping,” she added “Maybe we’ll get a Target down here next.”