It started with a record snow storm in the Black Hills, then wind that just wouldn't quit blowing.  And don't forget about the record cold temperatures and wind chills. These are just three things that people in South Dakota have had to deal with, constantly reminding everyone that this winter in South Dakota has been a tough one. But states in the Midwest aren't the only parts of the country dealing with a harsh winter and the effects it can have on people and even animals.

For example, meet a calf named Hero.  Thanks to some kind-hearted doctors and scientists, Hero has a second chance at living a good life.

The calf, which was named Hero by those that took care of him, was found in Virginia.  Suffering from severe frostbite on his back legs and tail, the calf was taken to an animal rescue ranch to be nursed back to health.  Unfortunately for Hero, the doctors at the rescue ranch were unable save his back legs.  But that's when the scientists became involved, working until they fitted little Hero with his very own prosthetic legs.

Texas A&M's Ashlee Watts was pleased that the surgery was a success, but it was far from easy.

We got totally healthy skin to cover the whole bottom of the stump. We also were able to bring the tendons around so that we had a nice cushion so that it wasn't bone on skin touching the prosthetic.

After being told that he would probably have to be put down because of his injuries, and even spending time in the animal ICU, Hero has learned to walk on his new legs and continues to improve.....thanks to his own heroes.