Do you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? The line of dolls that came out in the 80's? Well  now you can re-live your childhood with the new Cabbage Patch doll wigs available in baby and adult sizes.

The brains behind this operation is a woman named Amanda Little. She tells the

‘I began crocheting several years ago, and in August last year I saw a photo online where someone created a version of the crochet Cabbage Patch wig for a toddler. The hat did not look like a Cabbage Patch Kid at all, it had stringy bangs and the pigtail were entirely too short, I knew I could create a much more authentic looking wig.

‘So I pulled out my old dolls for inspiration and I set to work creating a pattern with loopy bangs, similar to what all of my dolls had, and with longer bunched pig tails with ribbons.

So your probably asking where can I get one...well they are available at and will only set you back $6.

What do you think? Are the Cabbage Patch wigs cute or hands-down the worst?