A little over a decade ago, a furry legend was born 332 miles from Sioux Falls. A giant dog named Bruno has become a bit of a local legend in the city of Longville, Minnesota, because of his consistent, determined walks into town.

Every day for the past 12 years, just after sunrise, Bruno walks four miles up Highway 84 from his home into town to make the rounds, visiting city hall, the library, the ice cream shop, several real estate offices, and a grocery store, where deli workers give him meat scraps they’ve saved.

Every once in a while, when Bruno needs a bath, people will give him one. He'll thank them with a tail wag - and a token all-over shake - and be on his way.

Then, he hits the road and walks back home. That's an eight-mile round trip everyday without fail.

We met Bruno 6 years ago when we took the kids to the turtle races. He came sauntering right up to us for some loving. I was concerned that he was lost, but someone assured me we was not LOL! - Facebook user, Melissa

Everybody in town knows Bruno and he’s become such a celebrity that there’s a carved wooden statue dedicated to him in a park, calling him “Longville’s town dog and ambassador.”

And yes, he has his own Facebook page!

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