What 17-year-old Brandon Mahone lacks in age, he makes up for in soul. The young singer gave a passionate and heartfelt delivery of the popular Temptations song ‘I Wish it Would Rain’ on tonight's (Sept. 24) new episode of 'The Voice,' inspiring three judges to turn around.

Adam Levine turned around immediately, closely followed by Cee Lo, and Christina Aguilera also hit her button before the song was over. “So smooth, so soulful,” she said to Mahone. “What ended up making me want to push my button was I was hearing the emotion you were putting into the song.” “I pushed my button because I wanted to turn around and see you act that song out,” Cee Lo remarked. Levine added, “It didn’t sound like you were imitating anybody; it sounded like you were the next in line.”

Mahone put so much of himself into his audition that his eyes were shining with tears by the end. He ultimately decided to join Levine's team.

The teenaged singer is a Chicago, Ill. native but has since relocated to Indianapolis, Ind. due to episodes of gang violence at his old high school. He described himself as being “a classical young guy,” and named influences such as Gladys Knight, Smokie Robinson and of course the Temptations. “I don’t think you can teach someone soul … it comes from within,” he said.

Mahone’s desire to succeed is not purely personal – he wants to make things better for his family as well (particularly his mother, with whom he is quite close). “We just need to make it,” he said. “We need to have a better life … This one performance can change everything.”

Judging by how smoothly his audition went tonight, things are already on the up and up for Mahone.