I didn't think I would ever be writing about bras. But, what the heck, I ran across this and found it interesting.

A man in China is planning to open the world's first bra museum! Health worker Chen Qingzu has collected more than 5,000 bras over the last two decades.

But he says he wants to double the size of his collection before opening his uplifting temple to the female body shapers.

He says,

It's my job to educate the public about the importance of health check-ups, but my special interest is as an advocate for female health relating to their breasts and this was a good way of going about it.

Chen explained that most of his bras were donated by college girls after he visited their campuses to talk about breast health. He added that some of his friends think his hobby is a bit strange but he doesn't see it as odd at all. According to him, all women wear them so  build a museum devoted entirely to them with all sorts of sizes and colors on display.