I had pinned this "miracle" cleaner on pinterest and thought I should try this, I have a bunch of stains on my carpet. So I did and guess what? It actually works! It didn't work the best with the red mystery juice stain, but regular stains they came out very easily.

Here is what you need:

Dawn Dish Soap (The original blue kind)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Scrub brush

Bucket of water

Old Towels

Mix 1 part Dawn and 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide right on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then with the scrub brush work it in. I then used the bucket of water to clean up the rest and some old towel to soak up the mixture. The towels will show the stain coming up, if they are white ones. I let them sit on it and walked over them a couple times and then took off to air dry. Vacuum after dry! So easy and it works! Happy Cleaning!