My youngest son, Esia turned five today. He was a little early when he was born, three and a half weeks premature. He was still plenty big, 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Fully grown for most infants, but quite a bit smaller than his 9 pound brother.

He had a mild case of jaundice and had to lay in the NICU with the lights on him. He was sleeping and had the eye protecting blinders on, which on it's own looked kind of cool.

I leaned in to get a photo with an actual digital camera, not my phone. Something made a noise and he jumped, raising his left hand above his face. That's when I snapped this photo (at top). It's definitely the best photo I have ever taken.

I even found an old meme I made with the pic.

Andy Erickson

This was Esia today about to blow out his five candles.

Andy Erickson

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