Monday 12/10/12 - Today we talked about how Taylor Swift is trying to break up 1D, recognized a song in a commercial and said other words.

  • Is Taylor Swift Breaking Up 1D?

    The latest talk is that Taylor Swift is causing a rift in the group One Direction. Taylor is all up in Harry's grill and the rest of the group is getting restless some say. Harry took a ride in Taylor's jet and left the rest of the guys to ride a regular plane! Like a real person, Ewwww!

  • That's Where I Heard That Song

    Last night I finally realized where I have heard the song "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers.' It is in Blue Moon Beer commercials

  • This Is What I Was Talking About

    I was saying that I miss old timey 'National Enquirer' commercials - a Taylor Swift/1D version would be cool. Now that I see one again I like my memories of the commercials better.

  • Phillip Phillips Will Ring In the New Year

    Phil is set to perform on Fox's New Year's celebration.