Thursday 12/6/12 - Today we talked about brushing your teeth with LMFAO, watching Rihanna on TV and other stuff.

  • 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Is Six Months Away.

    The trailer for the new 'Star Trek' movie premiered online today, and there was much rejoicing. However no confirmation if Sherlock is playing Khan or not.

  • The Wanted's New Album Delayed

    The new album from The Wanted was going to come out right about now. But the CD has been delayed until at least April. The group says they want to make sure it is perfect.

  • Brush Your teeth With LMFAO

    Now you can brush your teeth with LMFAO. The latest Brush Buddies singing toothbrush features bits of LMFAO songs.

  • Rihanna Gets a TV Show

    Rihanna will be doing a fashion reality show. It the show designers will compete to make stuff for celebrities and in a twist one of the designers will be kicked off.