Wednesday 12/19/12 - Today we talked about Santa, Sherlock 3 and Jimmy Fallon

  • Santa Talks!

    I talked to Santa on the phone.

  • 'Sherlock 3' in Development

    Producers of 'Sherlock Holmes 3' say the plan is to start work on the film as soon as Robert Downey Jr. is done with 'Iron Man 3' and a script is ready.

  • One Direction Sound That Way for a Reason

    The songwriters behind One Direction say they went for a vanilla sound on purpose. They wanted to make guilty-pleasure boyband music and not chase the latest trends.

  • Leno Out, Fallon In?

    Word on the street is the NBC wants Jimmy Fallon to take over 'The Tonight Show' in 20114 when Jay Leno's contract is up. I can't wait for the book about this impending mess.