Wednesday 11/14/12 - Today we talked about 'Revolution' on NBC, Anchorman 2 and Taylor Swift's thoughts on wearing pants.

  • I Got Caught Up On NBC's 'Revolution'

    I love post-apocalyptic stories as much as the next zombie obsessive, but so far this show about a world without electricity is only meh. It could be made into a tight 20 minute show if they cut out all the running and sword fighting. Just tell me why and who. Or add zombies. Zombies make everything better.

  • Anchorman 2 - Coming Soon

    Anchorman 2 is real and is coming soon and may be a musical.

  • Taylor Swift - No Pants

    Taylor Swift says she doesn't like to always wear (the) pants (in a relationship).

  • One Direction is making plans for Labor Day 2013

    One Direction will release a 3-D move Labor Day 2013.