Thursday 12/13/12 - Today on the show we tried to remember if the Pogo Ball was fun or not. I got excited about AMC 2013 and fulfilled our mandated Lohan and Rihanna talk.

  • Was the Pogo Ball Fun?

    Pogo Ball were a must have Christmas gift in the 80's. I'm trying to remember if they were ever as fun as they look in the commercial. Or were they just like trying to hop on a plate with a ball stuck in the middle?

  • What Would Cullen Bohannon Do?

    'Hell On Wheels' will be back for a third season next year. That makes 2013 a super huge year on AMC. We have part two of season three of 'The Walking Dead' in February. Part two of the last season of 'Breaking Bad' in the Summer and the return of Cullen late in the year.

  • Play Storage Wars With Lindsey'

    TMZ says that Lindsay is behind on paying for a storage unit. The unit could be up for auction later this month.

  • New Fergie Music and Mandated Rihanna Update.

    Former 'Kids Incorporated' star Fergie is working on some new music. Rumor is that Rihanna and that guy have broker up again already.