Monday 1/14/12 Today we talked about AWOLNATION live in Sioux Falls, Jurassic Park 4 and found out that Lena Dunham is suppose to be funny

  • 'Girls' is suppose to be Funny?

    According to The Golden Globes, Lena Dunham star of the HBO show 'Girls' is the funniest lady in the land. Hey Lena, tell us one of your great jokes about how hard it is to be rich and well connected in the media capitol of the world. Creative types in the rest of the country want to hear your tale of woe. Oh...but...thanks for putting Chris O'Dowd on American TV.

  • 'Jurassic Park 4' is Coming

    'Jurassic Park 4' is set to be in theaters in June 2014. They just have to make the move. And finish writing it. The writers of 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' are writing the script.

  • AWOLNATION Live In Sioux Falls

    AWOLNATION will be live in Sioux Falls Tuesday, April 9th at The Vault.

  • Lady Gaga Has a Butt!

    Lady Gaga had a bit of a problem with her pants at a show in Vancouver this weekend. She was doing some new dance moves in an all-black latex ensemble, which tore along her butt.

  • Britney is Single and Adele Won

    Britney Spears broke of her engagement to her former agent Jason. Adele won a Golden Globe for her song 'Skyfall' from the latest James Bond movie.