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  • There Could Be a Boy Meet's World Sequel

    The Disney Channel is working on a new show about Cory and Topanga's daughter called 'Girl Meets World.' That means more Danielle Fishel on my TV!

  • Election Day or Today, VOTE!

    Do your duty, exercise your right - VOTE.

    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
  • November is Full of New Music

    Ne-Yo's album ‘R.E.D’ comes out November 6th. November 13 has new Christina Aguilera, ‘Lotus’ and One Direction, ‘Take Me Home.’ Kelly Clarkson's ‘Greatest Hits – Chapter 1′ comes out November 19 along with Nicki Minaj ‘Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up’ and Rihanna's ‘Unapologetic.’

    Christina Aguilera
  • No Doubt Pull New Video

    No Doubt pulled the new video for their song 'Looking Hot' beacuse it was made by a time traveler from the 1920's.

  • I Finally Watched the Last Two Bond Movies

    And they were amazing! I have traditionally been a casual fan of the Bond movies. But these last two were so good. Especially 'Quantum of Solace.' I love the darker tone, the realistic villains and the women who do more than slink around. They fight, shoot and make things happen. And the new Felix is so much better than the spy Mitchell played. Can't wait to see Skyfall...on DVD in a few months.