Today on the show I reaffirmed my love of Danielle Fishel, and mentioned in passing that she will be on a 'Boy Meets World' sequel show. We found out where the ladies are at during the day and others stuff.

  • Meet Ladies During the Day

    Did you know that ladies are out and about during the day? And did you know that if you talk to them they may talk back! Here are a list of places that ladies may gather.

  • New Movies This Week

    The animated version of 'The Walking Dead' AKA ParaNorman is out on DVD today. Also the latest thrilling installment in the 'Step Up' series 'Step Up Revolution' is also out. And 'Lawless' with that kid from 'Transformers.'

  • It's Official - Danielle Fishel Is Back.

    Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage have singed on to The Disney Channel's 'Boy Meets World' sequel - 'Girl Meets World.'

  • Gangnam Style is the Most Watch YouTube Video

    PSY's "Gangnam Style" is now the most viewed video of all time. YouTube said that the video from the South Korean rapper passed the 805 million view mark. And The Annoying Orange is...well...annoying.